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The Duke of Mount Deer(Chinese:鹿鼎记) is a 1984 Hong Kong television series adapted from Louis Cha's novel <<The Deer and the Cauldron>>. It was produced by TVB. It was first aired on TVB Jade from 9 July to 31 August 1984. It was not quite a wuxia novel since Wei Xiao Bao is not an adept martial artist but rather an anti hero who used his cunning and wit to get out of troubles. This drama has been widely adapted in different versions and in different locations such as in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

During the early years of the Manchu (Qing) dynasty, the new Emperor, Kang Xi needed all the help he can get from Wei XiaoBao (Tony Leung). Wei XiaoBao was the son of a prostitute who worked in a brothel in Yangzhou. After joining the Heaven and Earth society, he headed to the Capital and enrolled into the service of the Grand Eunuchs. Wei XiaoBao then became friend with the young emperor Kang Xi. His various adventures in the Forbidden City saw his position rise from a humble eunuch to a grand courtier and a close confidante to Emperor Kang Xi.


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Title: 始终会行运

Artiste: 张国荣

在情在理 他心我心 不必争论也懒问
为人为我 不必区分 一切事干 开心要紧

顺缘顺意 嘻哈半生 欢欣自会接近
自然入世 自己有自信 终此生 始终有鸿运

像风也像片云 乐得笑面对人
任上天引导我行 随缘觅梦欢笑真

合情合理 开心称心 一心想做快活人
未愁未怨 实在有自信 终此生 始终都会行运

像风也像片云 乐得笑面对人
任上天引导我行 随缘觅梦欢笑真

合情合理 开心称心 一心想做快活人
未愁未怨 实在有自信 终此生 始终都会行运

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"經典"- fourlancer t



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"最佳拍擋韋小寶與 康熙" - Mrsam Mr

"I love this series..This series is so funny...80's TVB series have great story line and great actor/actress.."- cowinni wong


The Duke of Mount Deer (Chinese: 鹿鼎记)(1984)

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