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The drama is about a group of private investigators exposing the dark secrets of individuals across the society. An ex-cop (Jesseca Liu) inherits a private detective agency from her sister and husband after they vanish without a trace. She then teams up with a debt-ridden photographer (Christopher Lee) to solve the mystery.

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Secrets for Sale (Chinese: 拍·卖)(2011)

Secrets for Sale (拍·卖)is a Singapore television drama series produced by Molby Low (刘健财) from Wawa Pictures. It is Channel U's blockbuster of the year for 2011 and debuted on 14 March 2011. It is the most popular drama of the year 2011 based on viewership ratings as it had received much overwhelming response and raves from the viewers since its debut. It is also highly recommended at the Asian Television Awards 2011. It stars Christopher Lee as Zheng Renyi and Jesseca Liu as Zhou Jiaqi.