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Beyond The Rose Garden(Chinese: 再見十九歲) (1983)

Beyond The Rose Garden (1983) (Chinese: 再見十九歲) is a Hong Kong television series first broadcasted on TVB in Hong Kong in 1983. It stars Tony Leung as Ma Tin Yau and Louise Lee as nun Hong Nei.


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Raised in a Macau monastery, Ma Tin Yau (Tony Leung) grew up not knowing his family background. Though his relationship with nun Hong Nei (Louise Lee) is as close as mother and son, he cannot help being curious about his roots. After turning 19, Tin Yau goes to Hong Kong in search for his birth parents. There he encounters and falls in love with a girl (Money Lo). However, he becomes devastated when he realizes she may be his sister. Tin Yau then returns to Macau in despair. Hong Nei finally breaks down and reveals the truth about his parentage.